Importance of Secondary Air Injection Systems

The secondary air injection is mainly known as the air injection. It involves a smog pump that helps to push air into the exhaust system. Therefore it injects a fresh air into the exhaust streams thus enabling a fuller burning of the exhaust gases. Therefore are two ways of implementation in the tundra air injection pump that is the pumped air injection and the aspirated air injection. The following are the reasons why the secondary air injection is essential when installed.


The secondary air injection system helps to consume the excess fuel which will be injected during the cold start enrichment before it reaches the catalytic converter. Therefore it helps to improve the tailpipe emission. The fuel can enter the catalytic meter due to the high concentration of the unburnt hydrocarbons when there is a high concentration of the carbon monoxide and also due to the reaction of the catalytic converter. Using the air injection will help top react with the excess gases such As the carbon monoxide and the hydrocarbon that can be present in the exhaust gas. Therefore it helps to improve the emission through this reaction; it helps to increase the engine exhaust manifold temperature.

When the toyota tundra secondary air injection system burns the fuel, it makes it less toxic to the environment. Thus it also helps to conserve the environment. The secondary air injection will help to clean the leftover of the fuel. For the fuel to be burnt, it requires pressurized air, but it will be surrounded gases when being expelled from the engine. The secondary air injection will help to push the air into the exhaust system immediately softer the exhaust manifolds; therefore, it will help to intercept and also to burn the unburned fuels. Thus the cars will get the best government emission standards. 

The secondary air injection can be used in the open-loop, for example, the cold starts. It helps to reduce emissions on the cold starts. When you do not have the air injection, it can ruin the cats. One the cold starts the secondary air injection system will help to accelerate the transition from it being a cold start to be hot catalytic converter operation. When your vehicle does not have the air injection, the catalytic converter will take longer to reaches the operating system. When the catalytic converter is right, the secondary helps to inject air into the upstream point burns to bring the catalyst up to operating temperature faster.