Functions of Secondary Air Injection Systems

Toyota has many vehicle models that are available in the markets. Some very dealers have signed with Toyota In selling these automobiles and their spare parts. One of the most popular autos is the Toyota Tundra. They have flooded the market and come at very affordable prices. The most important parts of the tundra Toyota that will need frequent repair and replacement is the air injection pumping system. This is one of the critical parts that the vehicle cannot operate without. The tundra air injection pump system is basically for the management of the gas emission from the exhaust pipes. They are to ensure that the emission is done properly to prevent it from building up in the vehicle where there are occupants. It will also prevent heating of other parts of the vehicle. These air injection pumps also play a very significant role in the reduction of the gasses that are emitted by cars while driving. This is a regulatory requirement that ensures that the Toyota Company follows. The whole system is designed to ensure that the burning of the fuels in the vehicles is cleaner and more efficient as expected. 

Several parts make up the air injection pump. One of them is the air injection pump commonly called secondary air injection system. While combustion takes place the gasses that are released from the exhaust pass through the port. It is at this port where the injection will introduce oxygen to the port. Oxygen supply will make the combustion of the hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide easily and hence their depletion. The system in other models will supply air to the catalytic converter. The air pump is therefore used in the creation of the force that is required to push air into the combustion chamber and the port. This is the pump is usually powered using an electric motor or sometimes a belt. There is also a diverter valve that plays the role of keeping the air from coming out of the system as the vehicle is slowing down to stop. This will have the effect of limiting the air pressure and also prevents backfiring. The system also contains Hewitt-Tech which is sometimes called the air distribution manifold. This valve will switch the air flow direction to the catalytic converter or the exhaust manifold depending on the amount of air released. These valves will depend on which conditions the vehicle is going to operate. The other part is the check valve which will prevent the exhaust air from entering into the system as it can sometimes cause irreversible damage.

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