All you need to know about the secondary exhaust air systems

The secondary exhaust air system is a proven method normally used to eliminate harmful substances that are emitted during cold starting. The exhaust air system is a maintenance-free vehicle system which is used in maintaining a proper and sustainable environment. The engines contain a mixture of harmful and toxic substances that are not supposed o escape into the environment. The secondary exhaust air systems ensure that the carbon monoxide and unburnt hydrocarbons are not allowed into the atmosphere. This function is best served with the exhaust air systems that are fixed in the petrol engine vehicles.

A high level of oxygen is pumped through the toyota tundra secondary air injection system into the exhaust where it neutralizes the excess carbon monoxide and other hydrocarbons before they are released into the system. Post-oxidation occurs at this point converting all the harmful and toxic substances into less harmful gases. The result of the post-combustion is usually carbon dioxide and water that are friendly to the environment. Heat is produced during this period, and the heat is quite relevant since it speeds up the rate at which the burning takes place. It acts as a catalyst in speeding up the reaction so that no unburnt carbon and hydrocarbons are allowed into the environment. There is a secondary air pump that injects air into the exhaust valves where the air reacts with the carbons and the hydrocarbons. The valves are installed between the air pumps and the exhaust gas. This valve comes in a variety of designs. For instance, there is the secondary air non-return valve. This one who stops the exhaust air leading to a build-up of pressure at the pump and hence lead to damage to the air pump.

The valves are actuated in various ways as well. For example, a negative pressure can be created by an electric changeover valve or pressure created by the secondary pump. The electric secondary valves were improvised recently, and they are still not known to many people. These valves have shorter closing and opening times than the other types of valves and this idea make them best. The electric toyota tundra secondary air injection system can be monitored through a pressure sensor that is fitted into them. These exhaust air systems are the best when it comes to protecting the environment from hydrocarbons, carbon and other harmful gases escaping from the exhaust during cold starting. Therefore they are a solution to some of the environmental problems caused by pollution.